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Eric Palacios

During the last 15 years Eric Palacios has helped thousands of families in Las Vegas resolve their legal problems. He has done so with the help of the some of the best attorneys in the State of Nevada. Our goal is to provide each client with personalized service and excellent results. We strive to resolve our clients’ cases quickly and efficiently.

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The criminal justice system can be stressful and intimidating.

Having experienced attorneys such as Eric Palacios & Associates is necessary to help you wade through the confusion of the legal system and guide you to a positive outcome for your case.

At Eric Palacios & Associates, our experienced Las Vegas attorneys want you to know that we are here to aggressively protect and defend your rights and we are dedicated to bringing about a successful resolution. We focus on exceptional service, ethical treatment and aggressive representation.

Eric Palacios & Associates is here to help you with the following areas of law:

Personal Injury
When you are injured due to another person’s negligence, you have certain rights. There is only a limited time for you to exercise these rights. That’s why it’s important for you to speak to us as soon as possible after an accident.

Auto Accidents
Las Vegas is one of the most dangerous cities for drivers. If you are injured in a serious accident and need medical attention, do not wait for treatment. Your injuries can get worse and leave permanent damage.

Criminal Defense
Being charged with a crime can ruin your life. Whether you have been wrongfully accused or you made a wrong choice, we can help.

Immigration law changes rapidly. It’s important to have an aggressive immigration attorney fight for you. Our legal team consists of experienced attorneys and paralegals, including a certified immigration specialist.

Bad things sometimes happen to good people, the loss of a job, an unexpected illness, or unforeseen expenses. These things can turn our lives upside down. Some are able to recover economically, but some cannot.

Family Law
A hard realty in life is that some marriages don’t last forever. If you are facing a divorce, don’t try to do it alone. A divorce is probably the most difficult process you will go through in life.

Occupational Accidents
When you are injured at work you have certain rights. In order to protect these rights and obtain compensation for your injuries, you need to take active steps.

Traffic Tickets
A traffic ticket is a summons or citation that is issued by a police officer to motorists and other users of the roads who fail to obey traffic laws. Traffic tickets come in two forms; a moving violation and a non-moving violation.

DUI or Driving under the influence alcohol, illicit, or even prescription drugs is a very serious matter in Nevada. You can be prosecuted for a DUI even if you were not driving at the time of arrest. Additionally, you risk jail time and potential loss of your driving privileges.

Loan Mediation
Are your house payments to high? Do you owe more than your house is worth? Are you behind on your house payments? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, let us help you.

Wills & Trusts
Over half of the people in our country do not have a will. This means that when something tragic happens, there are no specific instructions on who inherits what possessions. What about you?

To learn more about how we can help you, set up a free initial consultation with us by calling (702) 444-7777 or by email using the contact form.