The expertise you need to obtain a green card and a U.S. citizenship

Navigating any field of immigration law is not something you’d want to go through alone. Immigration laws change rapidly and the process required to obtain a green card is tedious and complicated to say the least. You need an immigration attorney who knows the ins and outs the U.S. government’s visa approval procedures.

Our legal team consists of experienced attorneys, paralegals, and certified immigration specialists, all of whom have in-depth knowledge of the path to citizenship. No matter what your situation is, you have options, and we’ll lay out these options for you so you can take the best step towards obtaining residency.

“From filing the correct paperwork and helping you obtain a work permit to acquiring permanent residency or even a full U.S. citizenship, we have hundreds of clients who can attest to our expertise.”

We help by:

  • Filing extensive paperwork to help you apply for work permits, marriage licenses, and citizenship
  • Obtaining U-Visas for victims of crimes
  • Negotiating in deportation and removal proceedings
  • Making board of immigration appeals
  • Ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of all your options
  • Providing insights into immigration laws so you don’t endanger your status as an immigrant in the U.S.
  • Assisting you in the job application process to help improve your chances of obtaining a visa or citizenship
  • Adjusting green card status for your family members
  • Working tirelessly to make your temporary green card permanent