Immigration Lawyers Las Vegas

The expertise you need to obtain a green card and a U.S. citizenship.

Navigating the immigration system is not something you want to do alone.  Immigration laws change rapidly and the process required to obtain a green card can be tedious and complicated.   You need a team of immigration attorneys who know the ins and outs of immigration law.  

Our legal team consists of experienced attorneys, including a Certified Immigration Law Specialist.*  No matter what your situation, you have options, and we will explain these options to you, so you can take the proper steps towards resolving your immigration issues.

“From filing the correct paperwork and helping you obtain a work permit to acquiring permanent residency or even U.S. citizenship, we have helped thousands attain the American Dream.”

We can help you with the following:

  • Reviewing you and your family’s qualifications
  • Advising you of all your options and the best path to take toward legalization
  • Providing insights into immigration laws so you don’t endanger your status in the country
  • Completing and filing the appropriate paperwork
  • Aggressively representing you at every court hearing
  • Negotiating on your behalf in deportation and removal proceedings
  • Appealing prior negative court rulings
  • Obtaining u-visas for victims of crimes
  • Adjustment of status for your family members