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    Law Vegas Now 9.12.19

    What do to if hurt at work

    Law Vegas Now 8.22.19

    Law Vegas Now 8.15.19

    Law Vegas Now 2.28.19

    Avoiding DUIs with attorney Eric Palacios

    Attorney Eric Palacios talks about the government shutdown

    Attorney Eric Palacios discusses working condition strikes

    Ticket Tuesdays with Eric Palacios

    Eric Palacios Video de Introducción

    Attorney Eric Palacios on work injuries

    Avoiding travel scams

    Attorney Eric Palacios on your rights when you're attacked

    Attorney Eric Palacios discusses street racing

    Attorney Eric Palacios on marriage laws

    Attorney Eric Palacios on the consequences of a DUI

    Attorney Eric Palacios discusses school safety

    Staying safe during flood season

    Attorney Eric Palacios on the difference between Wills & Trusts

    Can good samaritans be punished?

    Dealing with workplace aggression

    Worker's comp and what you're entitled to

    Rights when finding a child in a hot car

    Law Vegas Now discusses a recent Pit Bull attack

    Eric Palacios breaks down loitering & trespassing

    Children's rights in custody cases

    Law Vegas Now discusses immigration law

    Navigate the car buying process with Eric Palacios

    Attorney Eric Palacios discusses domestic violence

    Eric Palacios breaks down the Joe Jonas lawsuit

    Sexual harassment in the workplace

    Eric Palacios dissects the latest OJ Simpson situation

    A new year to get your affairs in order

    No Need For Maria



    Criminal Cases



    Eric Palacios Accidentes Laborales

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