Traffic Tickets Lawyers Las Vegas

Resolve tickets quickly and avoid losing your driver’s license.

A traffic ticket can have significant consequences besides fines.  These include demerit points on your driving record, higher insurance rates and even having your driver’s license suspended.  If you’re charged with a moving violation we’ll fight diligently to eliminate or reduce the ticket.  

Our knowledge and experience save you time and money.  We go to court for you.  We negotiate with the judge.  We take care of everything.

“Eric Palacios & Associates has successfully resolved thousands of traffic tickets without our clients having to go to court and keeping your driving record clean.”

We help by:

  • Reviewing your ticket and researching the charges
  • Going to court for you
  • Negotiating the charges with the prosecutor or judge
  • Reducing the fines
  • Eliminating traffic school
  • No points on your license
  • Keep you driving record clean
  • No raised insurance premiums