Wills & Trusts Las Vegas

Ensure your loved ones’ financial security.

It’s difficult to talk about death and even more difficult to plan for the distribution of your assets.  Most people do not leave a will.  Without a will, there’s no specific instructions on how your assets are distributed.  This means that state law determines who inherits your belongings.  

Our attorneys can help create your will or living trust, to let you control how your estate is distributed.  This makes things easier on your family and avoids lengthy and costly family disputes.

“Don’t let the state determine how your assets are divided.  You chose who you want your estate distributed.”

We help by:

  • Creating a will or living trust that meet your specific needs
  • Helping you ensure your wishes are followed
  • Lowering your family’s inheritance tax
  • Advising you regarding all possible future issues that need to be addressed
  • Avoiding inheritance disputes